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Celtic Christian Music

Hey all.. I don't know about you but this has been one of the most Awesome summers ever. Among some of the adventures God has blessed me on I've seen allot of good acts play this summer. Cornerstone Music Festival was especially awesome.

For any of you that might like traditional musics.. here's three Celtic bands I saw this summer that might be interesting to you.

The Crossing - they are simply the best. They've been around for a while and really ahve thier act together well. Most skilled by far, excellent spirit and good message.

Cele De - See above, subtract several decades. This is gonna be an awesome band someday if they stick together. Right now they are simply fun, energetic and beautiful.

Odon Soterias - Not at cornerstone but I met them at an awesome private engagement, take the above two, add some German folk Gypsie to the Christian Celtic thing and there you have it. The vision of the two (married) people in the band is just an incredible vision of the work of Jesus in the world, they are missionaries in their own right.

I encourage any of you who like traditional music of the Celtic strain to check out these bands.

Peace in Christ
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you missed the granddaddy of them all, although they've moved back to the UK . . . IONA. Check out their back catalog.
Yeah 2 differences between Iona and everything i've listed are that Iona is primarily an electronic band playing electronic music. I love techno, trance, house, ambient, jungleetc.. I'd put them in an ambient/synthpop/arthouse category. The theme or perhaps subject of thier music seems to be traditional celtic combined with modern Christian but they are definately an electro/synth band.

The other difference is i did not see them this summer. :)

Incidentally what other bands do you like?
You know what.. on second thought.. they are synth rock. Kinda like Rush. They are totally Rock. :) Very progressive too. I love progressive rock..

For refference: