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One of my favorite Christian bands [Sunday the 4th, 01.17AM]

Skillet released a new album a short time ago, titled Awake. I'm attaching a widget here which you can use to: listen to some tracks, read the bands latest news and biography, view pictures and videos, purchase tickets to shows, and more. It's all located conveniently here for you to explore.
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HELLO [Saturday the 16th, 10.10PM]

 Hey, I'm having a nightmare navigating this site,but maybe it's my junk computer, God bless you and stuff.
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[Thursday the 27th, 01.17AM]

Hey, my friend and I are trying to put together a cd for her aunt who has horrendous taste in music. We're looking for positive Christian music, nothing too weepy and definitely not angry. Any suggestions?
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Echoing Angels [Thursday the 8th, 06.26PM]

Does anybody here know where I could get the Echoing Angels album?


They are wonderful.
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[Wednesday the 23rd, 11.54AM]

Anyone doing the festival thing thie summer?

I have done about a dozen in my life (Alive, Creation, and a few that no longer exist ...), but this is the first year I am heading to the granddaddy of them all, Cornerstone! Totally stoked.

Anyone else going? Or to any others? Who are you looking forward to seeing?
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[Sunday the 29th, 02.42PM]

<a href="http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZr3dh3adfromh311QQhtZ-1">tons of cd's for cheap!!<br>including Out of Eden<br>Further Seems Forever<br>and more!!! most under a dollar!</a>
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Chritmas Heat December 2 [Thursday the 26th, 03.45AM]


Coming December 2, 2006

New Life Christian Church
744 S. 325 E.
Warsaw, IN 46582

Tickets go on sale Soon!!
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Celtic Christian Music [Sunday the 10th, 02.31PM]

Hey all.. I don't know about you but this has been one of the most Awesome summers ever. Among some of the adventures God has blessed me on I've seen allot of good acts play this summer. Cornerstone Music Festival was especially awesome.

For any of you that might like traditional musics.. here's three Celtic bands I saw this summer that might be interesting to you.

The Crossing - they are simply the best. They've been around for a while and really ahve thier act together well. Most skilled by far, excellent spirit and good message.

Cele De - See above, subtract several decades. This is gonna be an awesome band someday if they stick together. Right now they are simply fun, energetic and beautiful.

Odon Soterias - Not at cornerstone but I met them at an awesome private engagement, take the above two, add some German folk Gypsie to the Christian Celtic thing and there you have it. The vision of the two (married) people in the band is just an incredible vision of the work of Jesus in the world, they are missionaries in their own right.

I encourage any of you who like traditional music of the Celtic strain to check out these bands.

Peace in Christ
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New moderator needed [Wednesday the 6th, 09.16AM]

i'm going to be significantly scaling back my use of LJ
and so i do not feel that it would be fair
for me to remain the moderator here.
it would be distinctly possible
that i would not get around to approving posts in a timely manner.

truth be told,
there isn't a lot of traffic, anyway.

if someone doesn't step forward within a week,
i'll simply make the community open posting
so that a moderator is no longer needed.
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new music from mayfairgrin (featuring vocals by fabian rush) [Sunday the 27th, 04.07AM]

"of distance and resonance" features vocals by fabian rush, whom will be continuing to contribute his unique vocals to mayfairgrin. this is a fairly new dimension to the music, as mfg is nearly all instrumental. the song accidentally ended up sounding like a blend of depeche mode and massive attack without sounding like either of those two. fabian's vocals are earthy, soulful, and perfectly matched to the music. the music is slow, heavy, atmospheric, and rolling. please listen, download, and -if you like what you hear- lend some opinionated feedback.

you can listen and download (if you want) at http://myspace.com/mayfairgrin or listen to a much higher quality version of "of distance and resonance" at http://mannequinoddio.com/main
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